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My blog is all about plantbased nutrition, delicious recipes and a healthy lifestyle.

I’m currently studying Nutrition Science in Northern Germany and since several years I’m interested in and educating myself about plant-based and vegan nutrition.

Since I’m feeling really good with this kind of diet, I’d love to share my experiences, recipes, and knowledge with others, to help you achieve a happy and healthy life.

Besides studying and eating I’m also doing a few other things like horseriding, Yoga, Pilates, SUP, sometimes running, music – I love to be active. I really like to explore new places, restaurants and coffee shops – just enjoying life.

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What means plant-based?

A plant-based nutrition means the avoidance of any animal products (like meat, fish, dairy, and eggs). Plus, (and different to vegan) you try to avoid processed foods and stick to natural ingredients with a lot of nutrients.

Is there anything left to eat at all?

A question I heard a lot of times – the answer: Yes, a lot! That’s exactly what I want to show with my recipes. Besides the obvious fruits and veggies, there are (amongst other things) lots of grains, rice, nuts, and legumes – you don’t have to sacrifice any taste or flavor. Burger, pancakes, bread, pasta, lasagne, cake, treats, chocolate – there’s a vegan (and healthier) option for almost anything.

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