One Weekend in Prague: Sightseeing & vegan Food

A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!

Last September, I spent one weekend in Prague with my mum. We were on our way home from Austria and decided to visit this city, which both of us have not seen before. We arrived on Friday evening and left on Monday morning.

Driving in Czech Republic (route: Austria – Prague – northern Germany)

Driving to Prague was adventurous and we’ve realized how good even the bad streets in Germany are. There are not yet that many highways in the Czech Republic, even though they were working on it. For now, we had to stick to using country roads. These roads were often kind of confusing: narrow, winding, and hilly. There were a lot of signs for warnings and ‚no passing‘, but most drivers didn’t even care. In short, we were driving 200 km (125 miles) and got stuck in 4 traffic jams because of car crashes.

Also in Prague, the driving rationale was not better: fast forward and often carelessly, zebra/pedestrian crossings are not really respected, so be careful! Luckily, our accommodation close to the city center, so we could avoid driving during our stay. Finally, on our way home, there was a good highway and no more accidents.

Note: To drive the highways, you’ll need a vignette/sticker (10 days for 310 CZK). Find out about it here (


We booked a private room in a hostel called ‚Czech Inn‘. We really enjoyed it: a big room, calm and clean. In our room, there was a water heater, tea, coffee, and a small fridge. The bathroom had a rain shower and everything looked pretty hip and modern. In the basement, there was even a kitchen for all guests to use. To complete this enjoyable experience, there was a promising bar and a cozy coffee place inside the hostel.

Public Transport

In Prague, you preferably take the bus or tram for longer distances. A ticket is valid for 24 hours and costs 110 CZK (≈4€). We bought our ticket at the hostel reception.  They also supplied us with useful tips for bus/tram stops. My ‚favorite‘ stop was called “Námestí Republiky“ – it’s located in the center of the city and thus a good point for orientation.

A great way to explore the city is by just walking. Not only is it way easier to orientate but also a good opportunity to discover pretty places you would miss otherwise. We managed to walk 15km in just 2 days.

I would definitely not recommend cycling. There are so many potholes on the streets. Also, a lot of streets are made of cobblestones and it’s not rare that there are stones missing or standing upright. Besides that, the motorists are not that careful. We haven’t seen many bike-riders, just some tourists who dared it.

A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!

(Vegan) Food

It was surprisingly easy to find good vegan food in Prague: We found some pretty, small coffee shops and restaurants. The food was really tasty and not expensive. We’ve been lucky to stay at the Czech Inn Hostel. Right next to it, there’s a vegan Restaurant called Plevel. We ended up having dinner at this place every night. We especially enjoyed the goulash, Tortilla with Tempeh, and spaghetti carbonara. The homemade lemonade of the day was just great. It is made out of fresh ingredients – the perfect drink for dinner.

For lunch, we went to MyRawCafe, which is located near the “Námestí Republiky“. They offered the perfect breakfast/lunch menu: pancakes, raw vegan cakes, milkshakes, and also warm beverages like coffee and chai tea. If you ever go there, definitely try one of the raw vegan cakes. My favorite drink was the milkshake ‚Winter is coming‘.

Vegan’s Prague was another good place for eating. It is located near the castle. Even though you have to take a lot of stairs to get in, you’ll find a cute restaurant with a diverse menu. We just had a small snack there, but discovering this specific place was worth climbing up to the fourth floor.

A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!


We decided not to participate in one of those dedicated sightseeing tours because the groups were mostly rather large. But we’ve seen everything we planned to visit and we didn’t have a hard time to find the places (thanks to google maps).

On Saturday, we walked around the whole day through Prague. I really like to just walk around to get a feeling for the city and the people living there. We’ve seen so many pretty and different buildings and got a good impression of Prague. I liked how modern buildings with facades out of glass were located next to old, impressive buildings.

We walked across the bridge ‘Mánesuv most’ – a really nice place to see Moldavia and the other bridges. It is also not as crowded as the other bridges, so you actually get to enjoy the view. From there, we went to a really nice bookstore/antiquarian (‘Shakespeare and Sons‘), which mostly has English books  – if you’re into books this is the place for you! It kind of feels like you’re in someone’s living room or personal library. After walking around some more we took the tram to Strahov Monastery, where we enjoyed the nice view. There, we also visited the Monastery Library – you have to pay an entrance fee, but it’s not that expensive and worth it.

After that, we visited Prague Castle where we had yet another amazing view over the city. Still, it’s a lot more crowded than in the Monastery – even in the evening hours. We also visited the Golden Lane there, but it was too crowded to actually enjoy it.

On our way home we walked over Charles Bridge – another pretty bridge and one of the must-see-places in Prague, despite being also very crowded (even in the evening). Finally, we took the tram back to our hostel.

Since we had a rainy Sunday, we were really happy that we’ve visited most places on the day before. We walked along Moldavia, passed the ‚Dancing house‘ and visited a vegan street festival. In the afternoon, we spent some time in the Palladium which is a big shopping mall right next to the “Námestí Republiky“. We bought some food for our drive home and went back to the hostel.

A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!

Veganes Essen in Prag und mehr auf


Prague is a nice place to visit, but a lot of people know that. We luckily didn’t experience any crimes or pickpocketing; we had an untroubled visit. Communication was easy, everyone we met spoke English and the menus in restaurants and coffee shops always had English translations.

We had a great time in Prague and I’d like to go there again. Maybe for a little bit longer the next time to get a more in-depth impression of the City and the locals.

Have you ever been to Prague? What are your opinions about it?

A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!

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A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food! A weekend trip to Prague: Sightseeing and amazing vegan food!

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