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About me

Nutritionist turned Web-Designer & Yoga teacher. I believe in the power of multiple passions – life is too short to just stick to one thing! That background helps me build the best website for your brand. I like to play with design and make things pretty, but most importantly I know the business, what you might need, and what your clients are looking for.


Long before I even thought about doing something like Web Design for a living, I created and managed the website of the equestrian club I was a member of. Since then, I learned a lot about WordPress and Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and began building websites, from creating the first design until the working website.

Latest Websites if you want to have a look:


I know first hand that starting out with building a WordPress site is not easy or fun. There’s so much involved: after setting up WordPress, you have to choose a design and organize your content – it’s challenging. That’s why I want to support you. If the base is up and running, you can add more content yourself.

So that’s exactly what I’m offering you. I help entrepreneurs like Yoga Teachers and Nutritionists with building a converting website with the features they need to attract clients without spending unnecessary time on learning WordPress.

You’re bringing so much value to the world and that’s what you should focus on. Don’t spend your valuable time on tasks that can be easily delegated.

Especially those of you who are self-employed might forget how valuable your time is. If you have to do everything on your own, you might lose focus on what can’t be done by anyone else but you – delegating other tasks might give you the freedom to pour your energy towards the important stuff.


Since it’s important to know how much money you’ll have to invest, I want to give you a little insight. Please keep in mind that this is only an estimated price and depends on different factors including the size of your business, required functionalities, the design, and the amount of content on your website. A simple, small WordPress website with a premade theme starts at 140 €.

Got Curious? Feel Free to send me a message and we can talk about the details!