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If you are familiar with coding and web technologies, you might want to have a look at Jekyll. This static yet blog-aware site builder is a good alternative to WordPress. There’s no need for databases, so the page speed can be improved and, if necessary, page migration is easy. You also have a lot of freedom to create the web design of your dreams – or you just pick one of many premade themes

I build the website eatflowsurf from scratch and used Jekyll as a helpful tool for its templating functionality. I’m pretty impressed – it turned out great, no downtimes or errors until now. It’s responsive and runs smoothly. There are recipes, images, videos, and full-screen views of photos. My favorite features are the changing picture in the menubar and the full-screen view of gallery images via Lightbox. When you have full control over the code, it’s a quick task to integrate javascript libraries. However, the static characteristic of Jekyll means that for features like a comment section, you would have to rely on third-party suppliers like Disqus. 

All in all, Jekyll is especially suitable for static sites with no user interaction.

Ready to start building your own thing? I’ll be happy to help you out! Send me a message & we can talk about the details!